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Welcome to Flips 4 Kidz

You're gonna Flip Out!

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What is Flips 4 Kidz?

Flips 4 Kidz is the Ultimate combination of Gymnastic elements and Ninja Warrior course training.


Overcoming fears and boost self-confidence. Develop Ninja-like focus and reflexes. Gain a better sense of personal control and self-esteem.


Develop as a well-rounded athlete and learn skills that are important in other sports. Strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, speed, confidence. It's all here!


We offer a complete curriculum tailored to all skill levels. Age groups 3-12.

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Summer 2 Session open!
July 23rd - August 17th

East Passyunk Community Center
1025 Mifflin St, Philadelphia, PA 19148


Gymnastics and Ninja Warrior

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Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive exercise programs available to children as it incorporates a number of different skills into one sport such as strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power and discipline.

Gymnastics for kids allows children to experience self-confidence through creativity, performance, and helps to lay a strong foundation for other sports that a child might express interest in.

Gymnastics provides an opportunity for children to acquire not just physical skills, but social and emotional skills that will be a compass for their future. It’s a sport that truly benefits the whole child!


Ninja Warrior

The spirit of Ninja Warrior is one of inclusivity and support. It’s all about athletes versus obstacles. Unlike other sports where teams and athletes may compete against each other, Ninja Warrior is known for its sense of community and support among athletes.

Along with the physical benefits, the act of falling during the course teaches kids the important lesson of knowing how to bounce back from failure. If kids are playing on the course for the first time, it is inevitable that they will fail at successfully completing one or more areas of the course. Failure is one of the best lessons to help build resilience and teach kids how to creatively overcome challenges.

As athletes train in Ninja Warrior, they practice their ability to be precise with their movements. This practice can easily carry over into other sports and everyday movements. Just as in Gymnastics, Ninja Warrior classes will develop your child as a well-rounded athlete, and teach them skills that are important in other sports. Strength, agility, coordination, balance and flexibility are all skills that are useful in other sports.


Fitness as fun!

Our students are challenged and motivated as we foster self-esteem and confidence.

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